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WP5: Integration with other projects, upscaling, and application to Switzerland

Leader: ETH (Prof. Dr. Stefan Wiemer)

Participants: Contributions from all partners

The objectives of this work package are:

  • Independently investigate societal acceptance of ‘foreign’ CO2 storage in Iceland.
  • Provide the feedback on storage related aspects to DemoUpCARMA, as input for Life Cycle Analysis, upscaling efforts and communication. This will allow assessing if Iceland can be used for storing in the future much larger amounts of Swiss CO2.
  • Provide (linked to DemoUpCARMA) independent information on storage related aspects in Iceland and in Switzerland to different stakeholders (public, media, politician).
  • Provide knowledge transfer on CO2 migration monitoring and risk assessment technologies to Swiss conditions and to Swiss pilot projects.
  • Plan follow up projects in Iceland.

This WP ensures that DemoUpStorage provides independent assessment of costs, storage potential, safety related aspects and societal acceptance to DemoUpCARMA, where it is used for Life Cycle Assessment and considerations on upscaling potential for Swiss CO2 to be stored in Iceland.


Task 1
Societal acceptance of CO2 storage in Iceland
(ETH, month 6 - 12)

Task 2
Feedback to DemoUpCARMA
(ETH and all partners, month 5 - 18)

Task 3
(ETH and all partners, month 1 - 24)

Task 4
Summary assessment of lessons learned for Switzerland
(ETH and all partners, month 18 - 24)

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