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WP3: Geophysical & Geological modelling at Reservoir Scale

Leader: UniGeneva (Dr. Luca Guglielmetti, Dr. Ovie Eruteya, Prof. Dr. Andrea Moscariello)

Participants : EPFL (Prof. Dr. Lyesse Laloui, Dr. Eleni Stavropoulou) ; ETH (Dr. Antonio Pio Rinaldi)

The objectives of the work package are:

  • Realization and calibration of 3D static models, combining geophysical, geochemical, and geological data collected during the field campaigns in WP 2. Additionally, insights about petrophysical properties of reservoir rocks obtained from the laboratory activities and analysis carried out in WP4 will be integrated.
  • Enhance process understanding by comparing computational models with field and laboratory observations, specifically focusing on safety and mineralization processes using seawater as injection fluid.
  • Enable numerical simulations of upscaling to larger amounts of CO2 injected at the target site, or at other sites in Iceland.
  • Knowledge transfer of modelling tools for Swiss conditions.


The overall purpose of this WP is to realize 3D static reservoir modelling aiming at producing a set of equi-probable 3D reservoir model twins capturing the main geological features and petrophysical properties distribution. This computational model can then be calibrated with all available data and used to enhance process understanding and inform upscaling and safety assessments.


Task 1
A-priori model development based on available data
(UNIGE, months 1-3)

Task 2
Geophysical and geochemical data integration
(UNIGE, EPFL, month 11-18)

Task 3
Simulation on injection scenarios and model validation
(UNIGE, month 18-24)

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